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I am excited to share that I am leaving for a four-day learning voyage!

A journey to learn from the best in India.
It is a journey to strengthen my financial planning and investment advisory practice.
Here is my four-day itinerary: Day wise:
  1. I shall be attending a conference with India’s top 30 investment advisors about alternate investments, investing abroad and about RERA (Real Estate Regulation Act). This is a group of financial planning professionals who had formed an association a few years back. We frequently meet to educate, update and learn the best practices and share the best methods also.
  2. Next day, I join India’s Biggest Gathering of Personal Finance Professionals. After the successful 1st edition of RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) Summit last year in a World Cafe format, Network FP brings to RIAs the 2nd edition in yet another exciting and inclusive format called RIA Office Visits. The RIA Summit will attempt to foster brainstorming, networking & collaborations amongst the pioneer RIAs to help them lay down the foundations for the future of a new profession. Covering topics like Top Global Trends & Disruptions impacting Advisors, Fee-Only Practice – Its Profitable & Scalable Investment Manager Vs. Investor Manager – Identifying & Focusing on our Strengths, Fiduciary responsibility as the key differentiator of RIAs.
  3. Then my third day shall be spent attending the Network FP Annual Conference in its 7th edition. This is a place where the best minds and hearts of the personal finance profession in India will come together under one roof. The MEGA event has grown more prominent & better year on year since it started in 2011. After years of hard work, in the last couple of years, financial advisors in India have witnessed a massive growth in both – inflow of clients and mutual fund assets. It’s a reward which was long due. The question, now in front of us, is how do we make this growth sustainable and continuous. An increase, which is not dependent on market highs, government policies and performance of other asset classes. Ethical & professional conduct by a financial advisor (however boring it may sound), is the ultimate foundation for a long-term and sustainable growth of his/her practice. Principles of ethics prescribed by professional bodies and regulators like “client-Centricity, integrity, objectivity, professionalism, competence, fairness, confidentiality, diligence” should not just remain on paper but should consciously be engraved into a day-to-day functioning and dealing with clients. Network FP National 2018 with the theme “Ethics at Heart, Growth on Mind” will encourage & guide its members and delegates in imbibing ethical practices which will help them build a solid foundation for sustainable growth.
  4. My last day shall be attending Susan Bradley’s Life Planning Workshop where she would be explaining about the tools for a Financial Transitionist. She would be describing the Four Stages of Transition & Two Sides of Money, Transition Traits, Adaptive change, Importance of Mindset, Skillset of the Financial Transitionist®, Protocol of the Financial Transitionist®. Susan Bradley, CFP®, CeFT® is the founder of the Sudden Money® Institute & Financial Transitionist Institute, which began 17 years ago as a community of practice seeking to better serve their financial planning clients by developing processes and tools for the personal side of money and clients going through transitions. She is seen and frequently heard in the national media, including NBC’s Nightly News, CNN, NPR, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. She is the author of Sudden Money: Managing a Financial Windfall (Wiley 2000).
So, just wanted to share my new learning voyage and am happy to share the upcoming sessions.
Let me know if I should update you on my four-day learning extravaganza!
Till we meet or speak again,
Yours truly,

Taressh Bhatia
Father to a beautiful daughter and a handsome son, whose mother he is still in love for 23 years now. An Honest truth he never told anyone! He went broke three times in his life, he Started wondering going wrong! Which made Taressh learn the best about personal finance. He then went on to do the highest qualification in the world, in personal finance-CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER- called CFP. He has an MBA from IMI Institute in New Delhi. He is the Founder and Partner of the firm, Advantage Financial Planners LLP- which is registered with SEBI as a "Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). And today, as a financial freedom specialist, he is helping individuals and families to be financially free, free from worries about money. Having helped thousands of people, to organize their financial life, today he is on a mission to transform how India looks at money! Thereby triggering a financial revolution in India.


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