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How to lead a Rich and Successful Life Through Personality and Strengths Tests?

How to lead a Rich and Successful Life Through Personality and Strengths Tests?


When I visited my MBA institute last week to commemorate our 25th anniversary of passing out, the students there sought my guidance. they were eager to know about the best ways to lead a successful and rich life after passing out. What kind of career or professional line to pursue? Should they become an entrepreneur? Or should they join some company? How should they decide? Do their inborn strengths affect their decision? Does the MBA change their outlook or personality? Do they have some special strengths or personality type? Knowing more about this self-qualities help in taking some important decisions? If you are also looking for such answers, then this blog is for you.

You must identify the kind of person you are… then only you would know your correct way to lead a happy and contented life
You may not be knowing what type of person you are… until you discover the right personality hidden inside you
These tests help you to find out yourself about the right approach to starting or realigning your personality type with your correct profession or career
If you choose a wrong path, you may never discover what’s going wrong!
I have done all three tests in my life and have experienced it! Pls consult me if you or your friends need help

Three test summarized


S.No Name Link
1 Gallup https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com/
2 DMIT http://www.brainwonders.in/
3 Wealth dynamics Roger Hamilton http://www.wealthdynamics.com/


S.No Name Link
1 Scribd https://www.scribd.com/


S.No Name Link
1 The Richness Masterclass http://www.richnessmasterclass.com/
2 Recharge Your Life @ NLP – Ram Verma https://www.ramverma.com/lp/free-workshop/nlp-delhi-july.html
3 Power of mind Dr. Jitendra Adhia http://www.mindtraininginstitute.net/



To meditate, I have been effectively using this track. Try by downloading this audio, from the following link, install it on your mobile and listen thru headphones. Sit in a quiet place and then start your meditation:




Taressh Bhatiahttp://www.advantagefp.in
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