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How to stop worrying about money and start loving paying your Bills?

Money is multiplied in practical value depending on the number of W’s you control in your life: what you do, when you do it, where you do it, and with whom you do it

—Timothy Ferriss

How to stop worrying about money and start loving paying your Bills?How to stop worrying about money and stop hating your invoices?

Do you always hate the moment you get a bill, invoice, or when you get charged?

Do you avoid paying your due amounts till the last moment?

Do you feel like you are being punished when you have to pay someone?

Do you hate paying someone in full, with no offered discounts?

If yes, then these are all the reasons why money finds it challenging to come to you. Because you hate money!

Think carefully!

You hate money, payments, bills, invoices, due dates. Well, if we summarize, all such evasions, it means that you treat money as your enemy.

Start the reverse from today.

Start loving paying anyone whose payment is due.

Create a level of energy every time you think of paying.

So, start blessing everyone you pay from today. Put a love stamp on every bill, invoice, the cheque that you clear out. Treat money as your great lifetime friend. Keep money, like cash, credit card systematically in your wallet and respect it. A bill is your ability to use those services or products. You have the money to use it.

Lets’ do an exercise.

Find at least five invoices or receipts or documents for things you have bought yourself, or find five invoices or bills or documents you have created for your customers or where you have invested money & time, and write on each one of them:

Every investment I have made in things/efforts that would help my money & myself grow will give me returns seven times more.

Use these words consciously whenever you purchase or create invoices or signup documentation that involve money & do remember to use the power of these words with great pleasure and love.

Don’t pay anyone with resentment.

All the rich people have this good habit of blessing these moments. They welcome paying on time. They don’t curse! They are delighted upon meeting someone whom they have to pay any amount that is due. They know that if they give money with a smile, money finds it easy to come back in their lives. Money smilingly comes back to them.

Here are some great experiences that had surfaced when I deal with my clients:

  1. Some of my clients would pay the due invoices on They would not need reminders to clear the dues. They would not negotiate or even discuss the benefits derived so far. Gradually, I realized that their portfolio is amongst the most growing portfolios. They have clear goals, and their investments fetch great results, matching their needs.
  1. Some of my clients have always resented paying the due They would negotiate and seek discounts. They would often delay unnecessarily. I concluded that their reluctance while paying is not because of their job, or their bank account, or their investments. Their insecurity is because of their inability to connect with the cosmic power that creates everything.

You will realize that the Universe is lavish and abundant with such powerful thoughts. It has the power to reward those who appreciate its capabilities. It is undoubtedly your birth-right to be supplied with everything you need, to be able to pay for it, to allow the Universe to bring you more joy, happiness and success.

The Universe continuously observes your actions in this regard. It follows these patterns inside you. It works flawlessly to bring more money unless you choose to believe contrarily.

Let every moment, when you pay someone, bring you more abundance of money!

Let you stop worrying about money and start loving your bills. May more prosperity come to you in this way!

Taressh Bhatia is a CFPCM CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM  cfp  and is the founder/partner of Advantage Financial Planner LLP – A firm Registered with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) as RIA (Registered Investment Advisor).

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