How to Plan Your Diwali Bonus and Shopping

While it's time for bonus for my corporate friends, the festivity is also in the air. On one side is the online stores, sweet & gold jewelry shops trying to woo with their offers, what should be the ideal spending budget this Diwali?

With Diwali round the corner and dozens of offers, your Diwali shopping may result in impulse buying and your family or spouse may not like your spendthrift behaviour. While you have got your bonus and wish to spend lavishly, how to make a plan and then spend. Spend the right way and feeling happy, is also important to bring continued joy and blessings to your family.


Here are my top ten ideas to plan and shop:

1)    Budget: it's a difficult idea to make a budget for festival spending but if you do make one, its brings pre and post purchase satisfaction also; make a budget for all the extra bonus, profit, that you plan to get or spend

2)    Involve and discuss with your family: making them involved creates the excitement and simultaneously, inculcates the habit and also the equilibrium in the family that the head of the family of being considerate and not spending on one item or one person of the family.

3)    Keep 10% towards long-term investment: Thus the need for saving and your long term needs get fulfilled and you wont have that "guilt" of having over spent on only Diwali.

4)    Keep 20% towards short-term goals like immediate expenses coming up in the next 1-6 months, as they might not be possible in your family financial planning earlier.

5)    Buy new clothes for yourself and your family-20%: just spend and enjoy the festival spirit.

6)    Buy gadgets and appliances which need immediate attention: 20%: plan well and don't go for impulse buying.

7)    Get your house cleaned and all lights working 10%: would be a good sign for Goddess Laxmi to come in to your home and bless you all family members.

8)    Gift your parents something they would love-10%: and get their blessing.

9)    Gift sweets or chocolates to kids on the street or some orphanage near you: 10%: giving out in charity and getting their blessing would bring that extra joy and happiness which, perhaps may not even come from the above planning and buying. Seeing the children smile and being grateful to you, could be a unique blessing

Now feel happy that you spent 100% as per your planned budget and enjoy the Festival of Lights with a smile as every rupee is now worth celebrating and you have done well. Feel positive that you made a plan and create your atmosphere of joy, fulfilment and contentment that you have brought smile in not only your family but also other families in ten ways. Happy Diwali