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How can rejoicing in other’s fortune bring you fortunes?

See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it. It always works, it works every time with every person

- Bob Proctor

hoW can rejoicing in other’s fortune Bring you fortunes?rejoicing in other’s fortune Bring you fortunes

You may have noticed that there are two kinds of people:

  1. Those who appreciate other’s expensive cars, house, jewellery.
  2. Those who criticize and curse other’s lavish

Who do you think invites more fortune in their life?

Those who always rejoice in other’s good fortunes!

So, start rejoicing in other people’s great fortunes, lavish lifestyle and expensive things. Appreciate and make it a point to say to your mind, “One day, this will also come to me.” When you see that red Ferrari zooming by, bless the owner. Know that there is plenty!

When I visited Mumbai, I went to the beach. When I saw the vast ocean and the abundance of water, I realized that even if someone takes out a few buckets of water, there will still be abundance in the ocean to give more water.

Similarly, in our money life, money flows in the direction where it sees abundance.

There is enough abundance of money for everyone. You only have to know the techniques of identifying how to attract it.

Each person is living his or her life on their terms. Depending on their circumstances, they may be poor or rich. However, criticizing any such person will not bring you a fortune. ftat person is living in his or her consciousness. Hence, it would help if you were mindful of your thoughts. Instead, think of abundance. Visualize the time when you would also become a rich person, driving your new red Ferrari!

I want you to think of the following situations and rank yourself from zero to ten:

(Zero being the lowest and ten being the highest)

  1. When you want to buy clothes, do you wait for a sale?
  2. Do you feel good while buying expensive clothes, where no discounts are being offered?
  3. Do you think twice before you give a tip to a good restaurant?
  4. Do you prefer paying for a porter at a railway station or do you plan to save that money for yourself?
  5. Do you reward your honest employee who works hard?
  6. Do you celebrate on the occasions when you get money?
  7. Do you announce dinner for your family when you have won a significant contract?
  8. Do you give out money easily to those whom you owe?
  9. Do you mind paying taxes?

Now total the numbers against each row.

Low numbers indicate you are on your way to prosperity; a score less than 20 means that you rejoice in others good fortune, this brings you more fortunes.

Higher numbers, above 50 indicate you have hatred for money.

Laxmi Ji, the Hindu Goddess, is worshipped a few times in a year. She is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. It is said that she goes to that home which welcomes her. Money sees this attitude and always comes to those who embrace money.

Create that mind which appreciates and loves such things and people who own such expensive items.

Create and develop this mindset to bring more abundance to you. Welcome Laxmi Ji with both hands while giving out. Just having money is not enough. You should also know how to enjoy it! How else will you know that, if you have been rejoicing while looking at rich people? Start finding opportunities to enjoy spending money. Look at the rich people’s lives. In Chapter 11, I have shared how rich people spend money, time and attract more happiness in their lives.

Make plans to spend, let’s say, 10% of what you earned this month. In another chapter, I have explained this money concept. I have described how you should reward yourself every month. Create a budget to spend that specific amount on things which please you.

Have fun.

Go out!

Tell your mind that you are going to spend that money by the 30th of this month, so that more money comes next month.

This money will bring with it more joy.

Don’t let any false money beliefs stop you now.

Create your path to leading a rich and wealthy life.

Let money not be a serious subject. Let it be a matter of fun.

Affirmation: “I believe that money is just a medium of flow

— a means of exchange. I enjoy and rejoice in other people’s fortune, and that brings me more fortunes.”

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