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What your family should know if anything happens to you?​

What your family should know if anything happens to you?​

During the pandemic period, I realised that it is crucial and critical for your family members to know certain financial information.

Not only your spouse but your entire/ or rather the most critical adult members should know this information.

What can be that one document?

This is THE file​: (Download here-This is an Excel file )

With the help and support of my financial fraternity, I have compiled this simple excel for you to use and keep.

Here is an essential part of your financial planning and part of what I call the "Run-AWAY" folder. The ideal way to use the excel file would be to fill it for your family, save it, take a printout of this and fill it for your family. I request you to share it with your spouse and essential family members. You may also transfer the same with us for safekeeping/ our records; If you or your family is not comfortable sharing the file with me, you could request them to share the details with their family.

Your feedback is essential and shall help us to improve further.​


-Taressh Bhatia

(Partner & Principal Officer: Advantage Financial Planners LLP, SEBI Registered Investment Advisor) 🔗 🔗

|Author| Consultant| Speaker| Coach| Financial Freedom Specialist| CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER|

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