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Can Money Build Happy Relationships?

Can Money build happy


Can Happy relations come from Money?
Can Money bring better relations?
Can the urge to have better relationships be deprived due to poverty?
Is there a linkage between Money and relationship?

I always believed that the better use of money, based on your value systems, leads to more of happiness. But what are value systems? They are those essential values which you have decided and are vital for you.

How do you decide what your value systems are? Can they be made in one day? I realised that these are important decisions, most of the time, involving money! If they include decisions on spending money on family, they are now your value systems. How you want to spend time on vacations, buy which bigger car or plan a bigger house, are all vital decision, mostly involving you, your family and money.

Families may not realise this fine line. Trying to build happy and excellent relationships, on money might or might not be on the right way. Or can lack of money lead to strained relations?
Over a period of time, if money becomes ample, can one build stronger relationships which may have been spoilt due to lack of it
Having facilities to live a healthy, financially well-balanced life, could be an indication of living life on your value systems.

Mistrust can be one of the most significant factors that can destroy relations. One doubt can open a flood of bad feelings. Feelings when given little fire, can become an oven for mistrust. Such events in life then may create a platform for harvesting all kinds of wrong ideas which seem to threaten the earlier setup for good relations.
Can money bring in any cementing factor at this stage? Can gifts cement that broken faith? If the intention is not clear, mistrust can further be cultivated.
What should one do?

Let's explore how one can develop better relations, perhaps without involving money anywhere or is it a mere thought?
  1. Problems in life: Resolving issues within the family by talking and find out options within the given resources is a way out. Within a budget, how to match income and expenses can be ideally done by financial planning.
  2. The inner circle of trust: Having blind faith on your life partner, can be called as Inner Circle of Trust. But to have that belief, you must have complete confidence and have no room for doubts. This circle can’t then be beneficial in taking all financial decisions like buying car, planning vacations
  3. Having mistrust or giving opportunities for suspicion: If this happens, you have broken that trust, and now all major financial decisions can be looked upon as doubtful!
  4. Lack of love: If one of the family members is lacking love or affection, it can lead to him or see seeking other money spending opportunities which may even lead to bad habits. This can further detrimental effects.
  5. Caring: Opportunities to care for your family with small gifts or buying a better gadget than expected, does increase the care quotient!
  6. Showering love and affection: You would have been showering with gifts on new relations: birth, marriage, engagement etc. Why? Such things may be towards cementing or improving ties just started
  7. Moments of togetherness: Why is honeymoon suggested for newly married? To bring the new couple together so that they can understand each other in an outside environment and help then start a new life.
  8. Sorrow time or happy times: To restart for after the death of a family member, needs adjustment and perhaps money also. A good financial plan should have provisions for this too.
  9. Problems or opportunity: You would get many so-called investment opportunities wherein your friend, or close relative comes up with a real estate offer or a ULIP policy. You have to identify between problem and opportunity.
  10. Respect or loss of respect for each other in a relationship doesn't depend on money or deficiency of same. But having basic necessities of things in life can make moments happier! More of such moments together can bring more of respect for each other. Sometimes, not getting something can lead to loss of respect, especially if you come to know that it happened due to lack of budget!
  11. Reality or illusion: Living in a life full of essential amenities and having a reasonably comfortable lifestyle, can be called a fact. Living in a false consciousness of dreams, thinking that only future holds a better life, may only leave you with heartburns!
  12. Worry for something or working towards solutions: Either you and your life partner have defined financial goals which take you towards your life dreams, or you find answers. Solutions which would bring in more happiness and joy into the family.
  13. Self-respect: never lose self-respect for whatever decision that you take regarding money and happiness. This is one thing that cannot be earned overnight but can be lost in a moment.
  14. Feelings: Having sight of feeling for each other in a family, brings the challenge to create new excitement every day! You can make money work creat those happy moments that make your partner so happy. After all, those happy moments can bring in that great feeling of being on top of the world!
  15. Loyalty: Earning loyalty of your life partner or any family member, based on your honesty and commitment to saving money and having it properly invested, can be a turning point in your life. Once this loyalty and dedication get established, trust becomes imminent. Then, comes financial freedom. Freedom to be able to spend money. Freedom, to choose your journey to fulfilling all your aspirations that have been depriving of those happy moments!
  16. Reliability, Then marriage?: Once you have understood the other persons saving, spending or investing habits, you get a glimpse of the different person's financial life. If you are a saver, and you're to be life partner is a perpetual spend-thrift, then you may have problems for your whole life. On the other hand, if you both are a saver and believe on investing, seeing your money grow, you would quickly build happy moments coming up in life. Furthermore,  trust and faith in your life partner would make a marriage proposal worth considering!
  17. Past relations! Digging into past relations that have gone bad may not bring any happy moments. UNless you are ready to learn from past bad experiences, You can not go back in time and change them.
  18. Does time separate or bring relationships together? Those couples who have to stay away for long periods of time may actually bring those moments of togetherness more joyou and pious!Times of separation may make you plan your future concerning financial security.
  19. No calculations in love! How can you make any kind of predictions for having some happy moments together? Does money play an important role which, you think would break or build a relationship? If yes, then that may not be the right the right way to calculate, how much money you would like to spend for that moment in life. As sometimes, spending time and showering affection may be more important than spending more money, which you can easily afford.
  20. Affection has no limits: Thus, the above point leads us to think ahead and see that if showering love and affection in abundance, has any restrictions? Time or money, which is more critical to create you minimum boundaries, to say that you have done your best today! Go ahead and have no such limit which can keep you away from building those moments which you can later cherish for life. Becuase, you never know, which was a happy moment than another sad moment. Our Experiences with such moments, sometimes based our expense decision, can be a deciding factor.
  21. Attitude can bring in bitter relations: having a positive attitude and having sufficient money, can bring the sourest relationships together! Planning those special moments or events in life can change opinions about you. ONly if you are working on a positive attitude. If you are true from your heart and have a progressive way of life, all problems may seem like opportunities to you. So your events in life, would, therefore, never be sad. Becuase you don't allow any unhappy moments make you miserable!
  22. Hence No money to weigh relations! Can money expenditures on any event in life, make or break relationships?
    Can people weigh your money spending level to decide their strength of their relationship?
    Sometimes there is Care required. No Money can have such an effect which can come from love, care and affection. Positive attitude and adequately planned financial life can ensure a stream of joy and happiness, in your whole life, ahead. Planning those future moments or that big house or dream vacations, itself can bring joy and happiness for every member of your family.

    If we keep chasing things in life, then we might lose those happy moments which may never come with wherever money you earn
    Money can bring satisfying moments but happy moments can be directly proportional to richness!
    Running after everything that Money can buy things which may keep you always happy. But relations built on these above principles can last a lifetime. A lifetime of happy moments!

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