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Law of attraction for money

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do, and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.

– General George S. Patton

I stepped in the world of affirmations during my quest to stay positive and make my mind think “Rich”.

However, after having practised affirmations for quite some time, I have discovered that affirmations do work. There are times when even the master keys fail, but the affirmations do not if recited or heard with full belief and enthusiasm. So, let yourself soak into the following affirmations to drive glorious results.

Here is the Taressh Daily Positive Affirmation Process for Becoming Rich and Wealthy.

You can practice these affirmations every morning, after lunch and before sleeping.

This shall bring the confidence to attract money and magnetize the life of riches.

Affirmations for Attracting Opportunities in Life

I am attracting opportunities into my life!

I am a magnet for opportunities and always take advantage of them!

I am blessed with unique opportunities in my life! I naturally attract positive opportunities into my life!

Opportunities are always being presented to me!

I am attracting opportunities with the ‘law of attraction’!

I always recognize and act upon new opportunities! I take full advantage of the opportunities in my life!

I am attracting massive opportunities in my life! My subconscious mind is focused on attracting new opportunities!

Affirmations to Develop and Boost Confidence

I am confident!

I am a naturally confident person! Confidence comes naturally to me!

I am growing more and more confident every day!

I am confident about myself!

I have a deep level of inbuilt confidence!

I am outgoing and confident in social situations!

I am confident in all situations!

I am confident and outgoing in all areas of my life!

Affirmations to Succeed at Work

I am successful in business! I am a natural entrepreneur! My sales skills are excellent!

I always present myself well and sell myself!

I have excellent communication and presentation skills!

I am very persuasive in business!

I am confident in myself and my business pursuits!

I think outside the box!

I am always aware of possible opportunities!

I am always persistent and find a path to success!

Affirmations to Express Gratitude

I am appreciative of all the positive things in my life!

I express my gratitude every day!

I have so many things to be grateful for in my life!

I am grateful for the health I have! I am grateful for the friends I have!

I am grateful for the family in my life! I am grateful for my mind and body!

I am grateful for the ability to develop myself!

All the things I am grateful for are being manifest in greater abundance!

Affirmations for Attracting More Money

My subconscious mind is focused on attracting money!

I am attracting money into my life!

I am attracting wealth, financial freedom, and money in abundance!

I am attracting money with the law of attraction! I will attract large sums of money into my life!

Everyday money comes into my life!

I am attracting huge wealth into my life!

Affirmations for Financial Freedom

I am attracting money and prosperity into my reality!

I live a life of abundance and financial freedom!

Money is being attracted to me!

My subconscious mind is always focused on attracting more money!

I have always been attracting more money into my and my family’s life!

I have always been attracting more wealth, financial freedom and money in total abundance!

I am attracting more and more money with the ‘law of attraction’!

I will attract large and larger sums of money into my life!

Every day more and more money comes into my life! I have always been attracting huge wealth into my life!

I am attracting more money and more prosperity into my reality!

I live a life full of abundance and increasing financial freedom!

₹   I get rich doing what I love.

₹    I am an excellent Money Manager.

₹    I Intent to Create wealth in abundance.

₹    I always attract lucrative opportunities in my way.

₹    I always put money into my financial freedom fund.

₹    I always admire the wealthy and successful people.

₹    I am always a generous giver and an excellent receiver.

₹    I am ever so grateful for all the money that I have now.

₹    I deserve to be rich as I add value to other people’s lives.

₹    I always get opportunities to make more money for my financial success.

₹    I am financially free. I work because I choose to, not because I have to.

₹    My capacity to earn hold and grow more money expands day- by-day.

₹    My Money works harder for me and makes me more money every day.

₹    My part-time business helps to invest money for more passive income streams.

With this, I conclude this book.

I hope you not only enjoyed the journey but are now equipped with the right vehicles to bridge the gap between you and the life of Riches.

A big ‘thank you’ to you, dear reader, for reading the complete book.

Now you are all set to apply the suggestions offered in this book.

Congratulations on splitting-open the doors to your Financial Freedom!

I wish you all the best!




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