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What are the Rules of an abundant Life?

There is a gigantic difference between earning a great deal of money and being rich

– Marlene Dietrich

Are there some definite paths or hacks to become Rich? Are there some specific experiences or learnings which can navigate you to the track of a Rich and wealthy life?

Well, the answer to all the above questions is a big ‘YES’.

Over the years of my client meetings, trainings, reading books and developing my suggested ways of living an abundant life, I have experienced specific and definite ideas. These ideas have helped many people to think and plan their life, lifestyles and the way of thinking. Changing the old way of thinking has spawned abundance for these people.

I am now going to share with you the six comprehensive rules which could help you reach that stage of Riches.

However, before I uncover the rules, I would like to clarify that I am not referring to who is a rich person or who is a poor person. These are specific thought patterns to help you at least think and plan. You may plan your life and way of life in this suggested way.

  1. How can visualization lead to abundance?

    There is a law of “demand and supply”. Demand comes first, said Louise Hay in her book- “You Can Heal Your Life”.

Money has a way of coming to where it is needed. I have also elaborated on this in Chapter 10; How can rejoicing in others good fortune, bring you fortunes?

Is it true that your current money and prosperity life is dependent on your current money flow? Do you link your current lifestyle and expenses directly with what you earn every month? Well, the truth is, it is NOT dependent! The flow of money in your life is dependent on your current consciousness. It is the consciousness of your thinking about wealth, prosperity and future thinking. If you start thinking well of your future life, you will be able to conceive more of abundance. Then more money shall pour into your life.

“Think and Grow Rich”, by Napolean Hill, mentions this so many times.

As soon as you master the principles of this philosophy and begin to apply those principles, your financial status will start to improve. Everything you touch will begin to transmute itself into an asset for your benefit. Impossible? Not at all! One of the main weaknesses of humankind is the average person’s familiarity with the word ‘impossible’. The average man knows all the rules that will not work. He knows all the things that cannot be done.

However, success comes to those who become success-conscious. On the other hand, failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure-conscious.

Napoleon Hill- “Think And Grow Rich”

This book has been written for those who seek the rules that have made others more prosperous, successful, and wealthy. If you are willing to stake everything, based on those rules, you ride on the path to richness.

English poet W.C. Henley wrote the prophetic lines, “I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul.”

You must say this aloud every day and make it a part of your Daily Affirmations.

Faith is the head chemist of the mind. When faith is blended with the vibration of thought, the subconscious mind instantly picks up the vibration, translates it into its spiritual equivalent and transmits it to the Infinite Intelligence, as in the case of prayer.

Napoleon Hill- “Think And Grow Rich”

One of the best ways to practice visualisation is by meditation. Meditate Every Day

It would help if you learnt to meditate daily. Ten years back, when I attended a training program by Dr Jitendra Adhia, I understood the power of the mind. This was a fantastic workshop to learn how to meditate. I have been religiously practising the same meditation technique for the last ten years.

To learn more about the power of the mind, I would suggest reading this book, “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind”– By Dr Joseph Murphy.

The law of life is the law of belief and belief could be summed up briefly as a thought in your mind. As a man thinks, feels and believes, so is the condition of his mind, body and circumstances. It is a technique, a methodology based on the understanding of what you are doing and why you are doing. It will help you bring about a subconscious embodiment of all the right things in life. Essentially, an answered prayer is the realization of your heart’s desire.

During these meditation exercises, you should be able to visualize yourself as a rich person. What I have described in the other chapters should be visualized in these meditations.

“There Is One Mind Common to All Individual Men.” Emerson

By using these powers of your subconscious mind, you can pave a way to the riches. These powers had existed even before you realised them. They are lovely and magical powers that can liberate you from your current thoughts. All limitations of money, success and happiness can be increased and magnified through these meditations alone. However, unite your emotions and feelings into one focused thought — the richness of the mind. Then only will your creative mind use its unimaginative powers and brings to you ideas to be implemented and executed. That will be your subconscious mind at its best.

When you start meditating, your creative mind starts to become more alert. It becomes more receptive and open to vibrations. Vibrations shall be coming to you in direct proportion to your beliefs. Your creative mind shall start responding more to you. You will get ideas, intuitions and your inner gut feeling will get activated more and more. These hidden faculties inside may have become weak or inactive due to your inactive usage. However, through meditation, you can reactivate them and make them more powerful.

Your desire for money and becoming a rich person has to be very powerful. So powerful, that all your other thoughts, about your current money status, should exceed! As Napoleon Hill says:

“Desire is only a thought, an impulse. It is nebulous and ephemeral.

It is abstract and of no value until it has been transformed into its physical counterpart. While the synthetic imagination is the one used most frequently in the process of transforming the impulse of desire into money, you must keep in mind that you may face circumstances which demand the use of the creative imagination as well.”

-Napoleon Hill- “Think And Grow Rich”

Once the visualizations of your money thoughts have become clear, and you have developed the regime of meditating, you need to focus on having a plan. Call it an action-plan, for the transformation of your ideas into an action plan. Your desire for more money should also be clear and compelling. Continuously and smoothly, they have to be aligned, with your energy and vibrations.

Focus your attention, for the time being, on the development of the synthetic imagination. The transformation of the intangible impulse of desire, into the tangible reality of money, requires you to create a blueprint. These plans must be formed with the aid of imagination and mainly with your reprogrammed mind for the transformation of your desire into money. Detailed instructions for framing plans are available in almost every chapter. Please follow the instructions that are best suited to your needs. Journalize your plan if you have not already done so. The moment you complete this, you will have given a concrete form to the intangible desire.

Napoleon Hill- “Think And Grow Rich”

While meditating and after completing the meditation session, I sit in solitude for some time daily. I recite to myself: “Universe, I am open to receiving all the good things in my life. I invite the abundance of the Universe to give me the best of the best that is in store for me.” By enchanting this, I get the satisfaction that I am open to receiving, open to ask for the best. I keep on creating opportunities through my conscious mind, a mind, which works like a bank. Deposits and withdrawals keep happening. Deposits of mental abilities increase daily. Along with meditation, I use various other methods like daily positive affirmations, “pledges” and statements that I read aloud to myself.

So, now go ahead and make these as a daily habit and create a life of abundance.

Create your path to the Riches, a path that has no limits. This limitless path, powerful mind and your inner beliefs shall now cement your desire to be a rich person. This would be the ideal richness path which you will be creating for yourself, not a copy-paste of someone. Neither is it just a mere suggestion; it is a clearly defined path, a clear path which has no ifs and buts.

I wish you lots of joy and happiness, meanwhile! Continue your journey.

Enjoy the journey.

Inspire others as well.

 2. We need to shake up our money concepts

During my money workshops which I have been conducting for the last two decades now, I found the deprogramming of old beliefs as the most challenging path. When people’s money beliefs get challenged, they become reactive. Hence, a willingness to change and to come out of those cocoons becomes interesting.

When participants start to release their old negative thoughts about money, they start creating a new energized path to the Riches. They have to work on their positive energy methods. The daily habit of affirmations brings fantastic results in this case.

When old money beliefs are shaken up, then only new energy gets created. Prosperity and abundance start to set in. People start discovering their hidden and unlimited resources within themselves. This is what makes this shakeup amazing.

   3. Fixed income mentality

When I do financial planning for my clients, there are always instances when income and expenses are almost the same. It could lead to zero or minimal resources that could be deployed for future growth. In such a scenario, I explain the approach, which is something about addition. The addition has to go beyond the usual salary or income crunch.

We ask our clients not to restrict themselves to limited channels or resources.

Your salary is only one of the resources. You have to add more resources. Your salary is not your only source of money. It could be one of the best available channels for you at the moment, but you have to discover more such channels. While doing meditation and positive affirmations, your inner mind may guide you. It may prompt you. It may bring opportunities for you. It is only you who can either grab or ignore. Use your inner gut feeling to decide. Simple. Now create more paths to the Riches.

If you still have not uncovered those hidden treasures of more channels, surrender yourself to time. Let the Universe conspire to bring such opportunities. Maybe, at this moment, it’s not the right time for you to explore those opportunities.

   4. An infinite number of channels

If you have understood the above principles of Richness, then you must be open to them. Accept in your inner consciousness that such channel can come from anywhere. There may be some channels in the making or waiting in the wings for the right time to strike. So, do not panic, please be patient.

You may use the Positive Affirmation again (also shared at the end of the book under Module 12) to unlock your fortune.

Dear Universe,

I am always open and wholly receptive to new avenues of income.

I now receive my best good from the expected and unexpected sources.

I am open to an unlimited receiving.

I am accepting from an unlimited source. I am receptive in an unlimited way.

I will not stop at any stage or undervalue the receiving.

Please do bring me more opportunities for new sources of income.

In this compelling affirmation, you have now invited prosperity and abundance to your life. You have now started working towards a better and better-enriched path to the Riches.

   5. Recognize prosperity everywhere and rejoice in it

Meanwhile, do keep on rejoicing the small new beginnings. These little, (appearing to be small) opportunities are perhaps to test your beliefs. Henceforth, increase your energy levels while speaking out your daily affirmations. The more you create a better and higher level of your inner feelings, the more you shall deserve.

   6. Accept compliments

You may by now start receiving compliments from all the people around you. “Congratulations! For your new-found success.”

“All the best for your new venture.” “Are you enjoying your new start-up?” “You are a star!”

These are the kind of compliments that you shall be getting. So rejoice.

Say thanks.

Appreciate all these comments. Feel Happy.

Heighten that level of excitement inside you now.

Don’t limit your response. Be generous enough in your reply.

All such good or bad, are the signs of prosperity. Prosperity is coming or coming shortly.

If you can’t reply to such comments, then learn to respond appropriately. Don’t feel shy or secretive.

Say “thank you”.

Meanwhile, comment in return. Appreciate the giver. Say good things about the person. Let him or her also feel great. Increase their energy level too.

With these increased energy levels, you create that high level of good things around you and them as well.

Accept all such gifts.

Awaken the giant energy levels.


Pronounce these moments of appreciation.

Celebrate these moments.

Enjoy these moments.

These are your moments to appreciating your competence, abilities and knowledge that you used all your resources at the right time and the right opportunities.

Be glad to be alive, to be able to live these moments.

Adjust your new vibrations, the vibration of who you are. Today, pronounce yourself as someone of a higher level. Use these abilities for creating new opportunities.

Believe in your new-found joy.

“Day by day, I am creating my new paths to the Riches. I enjoy these transformational journeys to the Riches.”




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