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What Is Your Relationship With Money ‎What is your relationship with money?

How to set it right?

Why is your relationship to money important?

Do you feel that the lack of money is a problem?

Isn’t it an effect?

Your outer world is a sure reflection of what may be going around in your inner world.

If you are looking a solution for what is the key to being rich and wish to understand whats going wrong, then this blog is for you.

Who are you?

Are you in the right profession, business?

Your habits may show your money traits.

How’s your trust with money, may give your traits towards money.

Your fears about money could be based on your beliefs.

The key to an abundant life could be to reduce the negative energy inside you. Where did it come from? Let us do one exercise. ‎What is your money relationship?

Exercise # 1: List down all those reasons for which you blame your current money levels, or for your money earning as of today? What are all those external reasons?

Let’s find out… Do you blame the world, your profession, your designation, your company, your parents… the list may be endless?

Have you ever wondered about those people who win a lottery and shortly lose everything? Why? Perhaps, they were never programmed for more significant money to come to them and didn’t know how to use it? To keep it!

I have seen some prominent entrepreneur start an enterprise and lose everything due to some reasons. Lost crores of Rupees, Yes. But they were quickly able to recreate their entire business from scratch again. How? Perhaps they had their money relationship correct. They had their inner mind programming right.

Have you seen farmers complaining about the rotten fruits that came up in a particular season? They blame the rains, climate, fate, etc.

Fruits are the outcome.

The results are different.

They have to check the seeds and check if those trees developed the right kind of roots. Were they given right kind of manure and water? They cannot change the result but can change the outcome next time if they check, what is inside.

Similarly, the laws of money indicate that what is invisible, creates the visible. Its called the cause and the effect theory. Like Darwin’s law.

Therefore, I realised, while advising my clients for financial planning, that their lack of money was not the problem. It never was! It was an effect. Not doing proper prior planning, and investing without goals, could have been the reasons for the failure of results.

One of my clients wanted only “returns” and wanted to tie my fee also to the results. I said returns are in your hand, not mine. I don’t control the markets and cannot predict it. But I can advise on where you should be investing, to get the results you want. We can work to get you there, by regular checking, monitoring, realigning and rebalancing. But he kept chanting, returns….; (I refused to sign him up as a client). I analysed later that, it was his past fear of losing money and not getting actual possible returns on his money.

Your outer world is a reflection of whats going on inside your mind!

We are all preprogrammed for success in money!

All my clients, when they come to me for consultancy, have preset and determined thinking on how they (understand) want with their money!

Money, Success and subsequent happiness, are all embedded in their mind.

The Money Success Blueprint is already there, so you will only act, as per that blueprint.

If you want to change your outcome, you have to change the inputs.


Exercise #2: What have you heard about money since your childhood? Make a list now on a separate sheet.

You would realise that your mind has been programmed with these thoughts, since childhood.

It determines your reality and money. It is a universal formula:

Let’s call it

The Advantage Process of Richness Manifestation Formula:

Your thoughts become or determine your feelings,

Your feelings lead you to the action that you take.

The Specific actions that you take determine your results.

Beliefs -Thoughts-Feelings- Decisions-Actions- Results.

Read more in our earlier blog on this alignment of money thoughts.

Your Richness path can be developed on this formula.

All the Information about money has been fed into your mind over the years. ‎

Can we call these “programming of your mind” from the past?

Excercise #3: Can you list down who was doing this programming? (Perhaps parents, friends, leaders, cultures, colleagues) Remember as a child, you were not born with these kinds of thoughts towards money?

Exercise 4 #: List down all that you heard about money when you were young! Now, you would realise that you were not actually “taught” certain things about money! Unknowingly, you were “taught” (Whatever you heard about money) about these things.

How to deal with money and cash flow. These so-called teachings became your mental conditioning. What you heard, became your feelings towards money, over the years!

Years later, these patterns only became your response system, when it came to money management.

In today’s life, unless you change this program, to run your current money management system, how will you have a better relationship with money?

If you have a wrong software installed or a software is corrupted in your pc, your pc system won’t work the way you want!.

The old files of information in your mind storage, from your old programming, have to be re-programmed. Fresh “mind program” has to be installed. Then only, you have space for new programming.

Now, you would need something to reprogram and re-manifest new thoughts.

How to the rich people manage their money well? Read our blog here

Here are the three-step process called “The Advantage Money Reinfestation Process“:

#1. Lingual:

Excercise #5: List down all that you heard about money, rich people?Like “money grows n trees…”; Therefore whatever you heard got stored in your subconscious mind. You didn’t even know that these thoughts, got engraved deeply in your mind, later turned in your beliefs. You would now say, ” I believe, …” and make interpretations of everything based on this stored file information in your mind.


This powerful conditioning from what you heard, could have been “deleted” or “distorted” or generalised also. Hence, they may not be entirely correct! Situations or place could have made those people say these things to you. May not have anything to do with your current changed circumstances. So, these deeply rooted emotions about money, do have an important role. The role, in your current money taking decision moments.

Here, only emotions rule and rationale doesn’t seem to affect your (conditioned mind) in any way. Subconscious mind understands emotions and doesn’t understand the reasoning.

Don’t make decisions about money, based on what your parents thought! Times and environments have changed. Like I say to my clients: Don’t invest in FD. But my clients, on the other hand, fear that only FD can give them fixed, or perhaps best returns.

You have to allow new thoughts, so that you can change the old patterns of your mind.

Change, to bring in better yields.

Read more in my blog about overcoming money beliefs for financial success

Hence, undertake money changing belief sessions. A Practicing NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Program) person could perhaps,  give you these sessions and make your money belief systems an overhaul!

Change happens from perhaps knowing better about the four ingredients of your mental programming.

They are “The Advantage Information System (TAIS)”:

Refer Exercise #5: Here, you listed down all those thoughts, that you heard about money from people around you. Perhaps, these thoughts got stored in your subconscious mind. These are the old files about money, that is still stored in your Money management files in your brain. But today, You can choose different ideas. Choose new ways to start afresh. Recondition your mind now.

“The Advantage Empathy System (TAES)”:

Think back about how you grew up! How did your parents think and plan for money? How was their cash flow? Was there always a shortage of money? Was there still a scarcity of money in the family?

Did you thereby, slowly and gradually, get convinced about these thoughts about money!

These emotions about money kept reinforcing your mind about money.

Do you still have beliefs about the scarcity of money!

So, maybe your emotional thoughts got permanently embossed in your mind and didn’t allow any other rationale to change your overall opinion about money, from your childhood till today.

Your learning and knowledge about money management, were therefore always based on these empathy systems.

Today, you need to allow these thought patterns to change and allow more wealth to come to you.

Change your money blueprint today.

Realise that your parent’s situations are not the same as of yours today.

There are situations when my clients inform me today that they need to save a lot of money for a contingency fund. However, I tell them, that as financial planners, allow us to give you the maximum amount limit to keep in a contingency fund. Rest, they should either invest for long-term goals or go out and enjoy life!

“The Advantage Break-Away Process (TABAP)”:

As a rocket launched into space, needs to break away from the earth’s magnetic pull, it needs a major force. Once into space, it is free to go where it wants to go. Same way, you need to identify that your old thoughts about money, are not yours. This was “taught” to you, perhaps by your parents. These old thoughts are not supposed to be part of you!

Therefore, today, you have a choice to disassociate yourself from them and bring a new process.

“The Advantage ReAwakening Stage”:

Give your mind a command, that:

Earning more money has a purpose of …., shall contribute towards my goals of …. and shall bring me the joy of…..  (The process of Change)

#2: Patterns:

Step 1: Excercise #6: Write down all those habits and thinking that you have adopted from your parents. Whatever you now think and act, came from your parents. Is it linked to their thoughts about rich and wealthy people? (refer (TAIS)

Step 2: Excercise # 7: What is the outcomes or fallouts or consequences that have this pattern brought to your current life. (Refer to TAES above)

Step 3: Excercise # 8: Can you see that you can break away from these thought patterns, List them down as Excercise # 7 (Refer to (TABAP) above).

Step 4: Make your Money Statement to be read aloud every day:

What I thought about money, is past now! I am now deciding my way now.” ‎

#3: Episodes:

“The Advantage Episode Money Life” (TAEL):

You are programmed! Your behaviour with money, is perhaps, due to come episodes in your life.

You may have witnessed these events, happenings, actual experiences. These episodes have now become a complete series of money events. Your mind is, therefore, conditioned on this series.

These episodes could have been about the fight for money. It was not perhaps due to money. But it could have been due to inconsistency or imbalance or discrepancy in their money prototype in your mind.

For married couples, match your money prototype so that both of you think in the same frequency about money.

In our regular financial planning yearly coaching programs, we discuss with couples about their joint family goals. If anyone of the couple has a discrepancy or disagreement, we try to make them think on the same money levels. Thus, you create a vibrant and bright future. ‎Make your Money Testimony to be read aloud every day:

I have liberated my old money imbalances from my old life and have reconditioned my mind for a Rich and happy balanced life.

In our workshops, we teach these subject and make it an interactive session. If you want to learn more, click here and register:

Change your old limiting beliefs: Create your own new happy abundantly rich life. ‎

If your partner in life is doing great in money earning, maybe you are a spender! If you are a spendthrift yourself, maybe your partner is saving and investing money. Either way, one partner may have gone into contentment zone and seemed to be enjoying life with money. Bad relationship with money here! You need to find out these loopholes in your money partnership and strengthen them with discussions.

In our regular financial planning yearly coaching programs, we bring out such patterns and bring harmony amongst the partners. Thus, creating an eternal love and richness clear path.

If you think that all the great prosperity that you have got is due to your education, skills, knowledge, or business acumen, you may be mistaken!

How much progress and achievement you have got is due to your triumph over money thoughts.

Your victory over the relationship with money is the reason.

Develop the deep new bonds with money. Create new neural pathways in your subconscious mind (Do read this blog and how to do this alignment) every day, that you are on a progressive path to a new positive way to an eternal remarkable relationship with money. That money is always in abundance! That, you still celebrate when money comes to you. That, you always admire Rich and wealthy people. That, you respect their lovely car, or house, or watch etc. This abundance thinking along with your newly developed thinking pattern shall cement your way to riches!

This is the best richness guide, I could think, plan, write and practice too.

Wish you great success. Success at every such step, given above.

I am, personally blessed to have gone over these thoughts, and refined my way of thinking. I am continuously progressing. For more and better ways of developing more prosperous ideas.

Say this command everyday:

I am Make money come to me without any conflict.

Let it happen without any hassle or without striving for it hard.
Pay attention to the following, to strengthen your relationship with Money:

On a scale of 10 to 1: If Good or yes, then rank your self 10,

if no/not ok, say 5,

if bad: say 1

  1. Do you regularly check your income statement like your salary slip.
  2. Do you review your bank accounts (are they numerous? paying for no frill account etc.).
  3. Do you review your Networth statement (read my other blog on this subject).
  4. How are your investments working? Consult an investment advisor for best results. Understand his role
  5. Review if your business is generating enough income for you personally. Not just business growth, but are you able to take enough money home? Are you able to put money aside every month?
  6. Are you paying yourself enough?
  7. Find out if you or your spouse are allocating too much money on things which you don’t need?
  8. Are you organising and handing your money well? Are you logical about money? Are all decisions on rational mode?
  9. Are you getting enough from your money?
  10. How good is your rapport or association or bond or likeness about money?

Now, total up.

Out of 100, whats your score?

Above 70: Great Relationship with money: Keep it up.

Between 40-70: You are going doing ok, but you need to work better with your relationship with money

Below: 40: You need to think and plan to improvise your relationship with money.


You’re re doing great, I assume.

At least you are progressing.

You have identified and have taken this test.

Do Make your MONEY VALVE evolve better.

It will get better and better if you have acknowledged it today! If not, reset it now!

This is the opportunity that you can change it for forever.

Yes, forever. ‎This is The Advantage Richness Masterplan (TARM).

Say this aloud everyday:

Thank God!

This is the opportunity.

I Am Getting Everyday.

That can change my financial life forever.

Go on and enjoy it meanwhile.

Hope, you are now well-planned for a happy relationship with your money!

All the best and enjoy the journey.

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them -Chris Grosser





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