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How to Become A Crorepati?

How to Become A Crorepati

Do you think that you need a lot of money to become a crorepati?

Did you always wonder that how much is required to be saved and invested in getting to Rs. 1 crore?

Have you wondered that Ten Million Rupees is challenging to generate with your monthly savings!

If you want to know precisely how to become a Crorepati, then this blog is for you.

One of my clients had almost finished all her goals that were planned a few years back and still he had ample resources to invest further, but with no particular goal, she asked me, ” What could be the next ideal goal for to invest in?“. I replied that if you would like to be financially free, maybe you could have a goal to be a crorepati. She loved the idea and asked me to work on it and give a simple method to let her understand the how what and where of this goal. She wanted a straightforward reading that could enable her to understand the logic and be aware of it consciously.

This is how this blog idea got generated, and I worked on the methods and systems to enable the readers to decide the way ahead.

Over a period, I realised that people might be earning lakhs of rupees every month but never thought of having a free-floating independent set aside amount of let’s say a few crores! One Crore set aside and earning you decent returns, tax-free, could get you like Rs. 75,000/- per month and still growing. A ten crore amount thus accumulated could get you Rs. 7.5 lakhs of rupees every month lifelong and tax-free. Isn’t that financial freedom! Free to not work for someone but maybe you would like to work for enjoying or just chasing your lief’s passions or pursuing your hobbies.

Only 0.2 % of India’s population has Rs. 1 crore or more of assets with them!


If you always thought that this kind of money could only be achieved by winning a lottery or having to invest lakhs every month, you may be mistaken! There are small savings investment ideas that can help you steadily accomplish this goal.

You may need this kind of money for your children’s education or their marriage or your retirement, start saving and investing properly in a systematic investment plan, also called as SIP.



How to become a Crorepati in 5 years-Taresh Calculator.pdf
How to become a Crorepati in 5 years-Taresh Calculator.pdf


As you can see from the above-given illustration, If you need Rs. One crore in the next five years, and given an assumed expected return of12 % per month, you may need to invest Rs. 1,25,000/- per month.


How to become a Crorepati in 10 years-Taresh Calculator



But if this assumption is moved to 10 years of investing period and return expected to 15 %, you have just to invest Rs. 36,335/- per month. Looks more comfortable, isn’t it?








Increasing Contribution to Becoming a Crorepati calculator by Taresh

There is another exciting way to look at the same method of calculating!

Look at the illustration where if you invested the same starting amount of Rs. 36335 per month

but you increased it by 10 % at the beginning of the second year and then every year by 10% of the previous year, You may accomplish the same Rs. 1 crore goal in the 8th year itself instead go 10th year end.



Let’s try and understand this in a better and comfortable manner with the following steps:

  1. Why: Your strong reason to become a crorepati should be written out as a goal or tied to a goal like become financially free. Read more about SMARTER GOALS
  2. How: to be able to earn 12% to 15 % expected return, you should discuss in consultation with your financial planner and then invest through a SEBI Registered Investment Advisor.
  3. Calculate: I am giving you a straightforward way of calculating yourself. This excel may be downloaded here and used as explained.
  4. How to use this calculator:
    Step 1: Put in numbers of years you want to become a Crorepati
    Step 2: What kind of return you expect from your investment
    Step 3: Put in the future Value expected
    Step 4: Solution Appears: You will get a fixed amount every month
  5. Two ways: Either you can calculate how much amount is required to reach the goal or you can choose what amount to invest to achieve Rs. One Crore.
  6. Smarter method: It would be advisable to use the step up method. As explained above and download the second excel here to know more
  7. Invest where: While you may take an opinion of your financial advisor, who may advise you to invest in various options like Stocks, Bonds, mutual funds or real estate or a diversified portfolio having a mix of these options. However, to earn an interest assumed in these illustrations in this blog of 12 to 15 %, you may need to invest in diversified equity mutual funds to start with. Depending on your age, like 30’s or 40’s, and as per your risk profile. So, to then minimise your risk, you may invest in equity funds like large cap, mid cap and diversified funds. Over an extended period of time, it would get you sustained average returns as assumed.
  8. Caution: It is just not a one-time advice or one-time mutual funds selected. You must regularly review your funds’ selection with your investment advisor. Do not take regular mutual funds but take direct mutual funds option. Manage efficiently with a consultation with your investment advisor.Do understand the risk involved in equity mutual funds. Also, please know that these illustrations are mere you give you an idea of educating you and are in no way to be taken as any kind of, whatsoever, assured returns or possible returns in any way, what so ever.
  9. How will you know that you have achieved your goal? You would be getting regular investment portfolio reports that you inform you of the corpus completed.
  10. Nearer to goal: do this: As you near your goal, make sure to start shifting (through systematic transfer plan called as STP) your equity funds to debt or liquid funds to ensure the stability of the corpus near to goal.
So get excited about the options! It’s not tricky or cumbersome! But you need to be very careful of the steps and cautions mentioned above and continuously monitor your investments done.

Happy Investing and congratulations to your journey to becoming a crorepati!

Happy Times ahead, Crorepati Ji.




  1. Very nice blog.. instead of trying for KBC where your probability of selection is negligible.. let your savings make you crorepati..


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