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ultimate money books giveaway

The Taresh Bhatia Ultimate Giveaway- Win over Top Ten Free books!

Taresh is giving away his five favourite books. Here’s how you can get them for FREE.

Why am I giving away these books? Why Free? People can easily buy these books if they want to read them.


Why should I send them to these 10 people?

Well, when I started reading more about personal finance, I wanted to know as to the best books available. I kept wondering as which can be called the top 10 so that I can buy them. Even before that, no one ever told me that I should be reading books.


Then, in 2007 one of my Guru’s (Mentor) gifted me a book- “The Secret” and told me to read it at least one page every day. I started reading it and found it very useful. Just by reading it, all my dreams started coming true. Was there magic in secret? Alternatively, was it that someone gifted!

Years later, I was gifting this book to all my friends and clients also.

During my client sessions, I used to refer a book by Robert Kiyosaki titled “ Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Then I started gifting this book to m clients. They read it and came back asking for more!

Then I gave them the book “ The Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey.

Then Suze Orman- 9 Steps to Financial Freedom

Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill, gave me immense steps to my guide to richness. It proved to be an addiction that I read it over 100 times and heard its audio over 500 times to understand that Napolean wanted actually to say. No wonder, it sold millions of copy all over the world.

These five books have caught my imagination and have affected me personally a lot. In fact, it would be true to say that these five books brought about tremendous change in my life and how personally look at money.

Each of these books is classic and has a different meaning of richness, money and personal finance. They have created unique journeys and have helped me craft out different meaning to some of my client’s personal financial lives also. The methods of narration in these books are very simple and have no jargons

Now, when I have been gifting these books to my friends and clients, then I thought that why not give away these books to my blog readers. So, I want to give you the most recent books I have read.

I am giving away ten of these books free.

Here is the link to potentially get the books:


I just hope that you win!

However, even if you do not, I hope that some of these books are on your “to read” or to do list and you do read them. You never know if that happens, you could find yourself rich! Your personal finance could take a dive for a bigger and better beginning.


All the best!




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