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9 Laws to Rich & Wealthy Life

How to Become Rich in Nine Steps

Taresh Bhatia, CFP talks about How to Becoming Wealthy in Nine Steps.



Wealth is a subconscious conviction.

Build into your mentality the idea of being wealthy!

Can you Build into your mindset of wealth?

Aren’t there so many theories to tempt you to think and grow rich which ask you: How to attract massive wealth using your subconscious mind!

So, can there be simple ideas to learn, grow and attract money using your subconscious mind?

But how to train your mind to attract money?

How to use mind power to create wealth

If you are tempted by such thoughts and are looking for much simpler ideas, this blog is for you. To make it easier and less cumbersome. Very simple. Without jargons.

But why would I bring such ideas to you on this blog?

How do I know if they work?

Have I applied and got success?

Well, over the last decade of successful financial planning and continuous monitoring of my clients, I bring only the top actual practical, simple ideas. Ideas, which have worked for my customers who have been more successful in implementing these ideas. Such ideas are presented to you in this blog.

They are a process now with our clients!

Systems and Processes in place.

Where does one start?


Start with Goals.

Goals are SMARTER. Read more on my other blog.

Persons can be SMART

Mobile can also be SMART

But these 9 steps shall keep you working in the process. Working like Henry Ford built his first Process system for world’s first successful motor car assembly line factory.

I Introduce the nine steps to becoming Wealth:

  1. The outcome should be Positive: Mind doesn’t work unless it knows the benefits.Our subconscious mind goes where it can see clearly.
  2. Our subconscious mind works where it has specific commands. If you say: I want Rs. 10 crores tax-free net profit amount by 1st January 2027 in my bank account”. This is very specific.
  3. Evidence: how will you know that you have achieved your target? You have to know and keep tracking it. You have to get frequent reports that provide you such information on regular basis. You have to start feeling that you are going to be Rich! That is why, you should feel, see, hear your richness and then only, you shall achieve your target.
  4. Resources: Plan and calibrate all your available resources towards your journey to riches. Find out what all you would need and check if you have all those resources. Make your subconscious also aware and clear that you have done such resources preparation. Your subconscious mind needs to on a “high” on energy for these 9 steps.
  5. Ecology: Find out if your mind allows your next action steps to be aligned with your beliefs. To be aligned to your ethos. With your past convictions. If not, then re-align your previous convictions. Find out if any past unresolved issues are stopping you from moving forwards. Otherwise, you may become wealthy, but such past unresolved issues may bring adverse health concerns or keep you from enjoying your wealth. Every action that you take towards wealth creation should always be in congruence with your mind and beliefs. Else, you will feel a loser or find your growing wealth against your will. Make your “maan-vachan-karam” in congruence ( Mind-Promise- Action). Find out if there is any part of you, inside you or your body that needs checking? Check for any ecology issue? Check for any legal matter or if you are taking action for wealth creation against any law or your move is a wrong way or a compromised action or against the country law. Is your family with you. Find out if anyone would get hurt with your moves. Ask yourself: can you face yourself? Does your outcome hurt someone? If any part is not in congruence, then “talk” to it first. Check all internal issues. If not, the change your outcome. Align again. If ecology issue is there, reframe. Reframe your goals again. Reframe your outcome. Restart with step 1 again.
  6. Identity: Is this your goal? Or someone else’s goal? Do you identify the outcome as “mera” goal (my goal.)If yes, continue. Now, visualise “you” in this goal. Make it bright, bigger. Make it into a big picture, with sound, light, bright and you inside that scene. Check your body and mind again for congruence. Identify yourself with the outcome.
  7. Control: Check who has the control. See yourself in control and the outcome in the same picture, when you visualise. Allow your mind to see the power. Visualize. Make it a daily habit of visualising. In your daily meditation.
  8. Chunk down: ” How to eat an elephant” well, bite by bite. Goals are always chunked up. Therefore, make your goals chunked down. Your subconscious mind understands that better. If goals are big, long and at a distance away, then your subconscious mind won’t be able to see it.
  9. Act: only act. Take massive action every day. Don’t wait. After your 8 steps are working for you and you are visualising them clearly, now keep taking steps every day towards your goals. Now don’t think if and but. just act.

Now watch the video which illustrates these thoughts clearly and in simple language:


With these simplified nine steps to creating your wealth, You are set. Remember to keep checking all nine steps and keep revisiting them. Happy Wealthy Life.






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