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How To Use the Power of Your Thoughts to Get Rich

How To Use the Power of Your Thoughts to Get Rich

How to remove stumbling blocks in your journey to success for money, with Neuro Linguistic Programming exercises to align money thoughts?

In our last blog, I explored various myths about money, investing and how people are not able to make correct investment decisions.

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To take it to the next level, this blog explores the solutions. To give you, methods to use your powerful thoughts which are blocking your way to Riches. If you would like to know how to resolve old money beliefs, form new faith, you have to take up few mind exercises to remove blockages. This blog explores the right techniques and gives you the simple methods on how to do ideas.

The great author-Robert Dilts gave a model of human behaviour, learning and communication through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). He discovered that people operate at different levels at different times, and when these levels are out of alignment with each other, people not only feel stuck, they are perceptibly stuck.

Albert Einstein said that we could only solve problems by using thinking at a higher ‘logical level’ than the thinking, which created the problem.

This concept involves many levels for a change. These levels lead us to excellent roadmaps. Roadmaps would help us with your various dimensions to get aligned. Aligned so that you start moving towards your vision and act as per your mission.

Each of these levels requires re-organisation of your neural circuits. The channels would help us to navigate through successively deeper levels. As you would move from simpler levels to deeper levels, you would need more commitment. For example, from your easier environment level to your behaviour level, you would feel the need for more of your involvement.

Once you start working on your neural circuits, you may need to strengthen your capabilities. Thereon, you will start moving deeper into your next levels of neural circuits.

Now, your new belief systems would get a new foundation. Your nervous system would start aligning into your new value systems. Slowly, this repeated practice would give rise to an autonomic nervous system. The new regime would perhaps involve your heart, and you would start calling it “gut feeling.”

Continuous improvement in this alignment process would bring out a new identity. It would need a commitment from your internal nervous system as well.

Further, your mind would start getting aligned to your new identity. Your mind and your new nervous system would finally resonate into a new level, call it spiritual” level.

Now, to make all your level work in a coherent manner, you have to start practising all your activities to fit into the new dynamics.

Here, your goals and whatever actions you now take should synergize your functional objectives. In your new role, your strategy should be aligned towards your culture. Culture would come from how you behave and feel about money in a larger group. How your final actions affect the people around you would encompass your new level of your environment.

What should be the levels of the Neuro-Logical alignment and what benefits would it bring to you, on your journey to riches?

The Neurological Level Alignment process provides a way to systematically access and connect experiences and neural processes associated with each of these different levels. By combining mental and physical processes with the various levels of change, a person can bring all these levels into alignment in the service of their vision and mission. The method uses what is called spatial anchoring to activate and integrate these different levels of experience. Many people have found this to be a very powerful experience and a tool to put themselves into an efficiently aligned state.

There are six logical levels also called Neurological levels of change:

A change that happens at a higher level usually reflects back at some of the lower levels. When looking for the cause why a change is not going on, it is usually useful to look at the neurological levels and see where exactly the block to the change is.

The six logical levels to Align your Thoughts to becoming Rich are:

  1.   Environment
  2.   Behaviour
  3.   Capabilities and Skills
  4.   Beliefs and Values
  5.   Identity
  6.   Purpose


Environment for Using The Power of Your Thoughts to Get Rich

If a person wants to lose weight, he may have to find a good gym to workout. If the gym is not available in his neighbourhood, then he faces the difficulty at the environmental level.

One of my clients could not find avenues for a better investment than just FD. Moreover, all his friend’s circle we are always investing their savings in Fixed Deposits (FD) and that became their virtual one directional decision.

To come out of such “environment” levels, one has to make decisions for a change.

Behaviour for Using The Power of Your Thoughts to Get Rich

This is what a person does. What would a person do, to lose weight? He would practice going for a walk every day.

One of my clients -Mrs. Singh developed a compulsive behaviour of online shopping! Behaviour, as she just wanted to spend money on things. Convenience and time factor brought her to online shopping mode. Was there a need for those products that she bought? Sometimes, she did not even know that! It became more of a way to get the pleasure of online buying experience that the necessity of that product became irrelevant!

Capabilities and Skills necessary for Using The Power of Your Thoughts to Get Rich

Does the person have the necessary capabilities and competencies to make the change? To think, plan and to initiate a change in your behaviour and to come out of your limiting environment, you need to have the capabilities. Here, skills may be required. The same client, Mrs Singh, was given a tool and skill to “invest” online through the web or use an app, to make her money invested. This was a new idea introduced by me for her. Why? Because, I realised that her compulsive shopping behaviour brought her that strange pleasure of money going out and the same pleasure came by, seeing her money being invested by her using this new app. The investment app gave her the same experience and feeling of money going out and hence, gave same pleasure as of online shopping.

Beliefs and Values to change for Using Power of Your Thoughts to Get Rich

Is the person’s Belief System in alignment with his outcome?

Why do smugglers and dacoits finally have a sad ending? The reason is simple! Their belief system of having money from illegal means does not align with their income idea. I have seen one of my clients Mr Kumar not take up a new job, which would have increased his salary by 50% as he did not like the new role that was being offered. He felt that the new role would limit his learning and not allow him to grow further. Learning was more important belief that having a rise in income! Yes, your values stand for you when you need to take some important decisions. Your values can be your guiding force and always help you to make some crucial decisions in life. Such decisions can affect your income and way to riches also.

Identity for Using The Power of Your Thoughts to Get Rich

Does what the person thinks who he is, in alignment with his outcome? This reason is about the various roles we play in our lives. Who you are and your role in life determines the path that you would take. Being a father was more important to Mr Kumar, a client of mine, than being the new Vice-President of the company. He had two choices: First: To confirm his new role which would have made him travel more frequently, and second: to not confirm which wherein the number of hours he spent with his daughter would be more and less of travel and of course, less of money. He chose the latter as his “identity” role was evident to him, and he gave priority to his daughter than money. Such situations come in life, and only you “identify” priority can help you in such matters.

Purpose for Using The Power of Your Thoughts to Get Rich

This could be due to one’s religion or purpose or ethics. Each one of us is part of a bigger system and how we contribute to the larger system defines our purpose in Life.

Answer the question: “When and where do I want to act in a more aligned manner?”

Answer the question: “What will I do when I am working in a more aligned manner in those times and places?”

Respond to the questions: “How will I carry out those behaviours?” “What capabilities do I have/need to do those actions in those times and places?”

Answer the questions: “Why will I use those particular capabilities to accomplish those activities?” “What values are important to me when I am acting in a more aligned manner?” “What beliefs guide me when I am acting in a more aligned manner?”

Answer the questions: “Who am I when I act in a more aligned manner?” “What kind of person am I being called to be or become by this situation?”

Answer the questions: “Who else am I serving as an aligned person?” “What is my mission?” “What is the vision I am pursuing or representing?”

Anchor the state that you entered into the spiritual space. Take that physiology and inner experience and step back into the identity space, so you experience both at the same time. Notice how it enhances or enriches your first representation of the identity experience.

Take your experience of both your vision and your identity and bring them into your belief space.

Again, notice how it enhances or enriches your first representation of your beliefs and values.

Bring your vision, identity, beliefs and values into the capability space. Experience how they strengthen, change or enrich the capabilities you experience within yourself.

Bring your vision, identity, beliefs, values and capabilities into the behaviour space. Notice how even the most insignificant seeming behaviours are reflections and manifestations of all of the higher levels within you.

Bring all levels of yourselves into the environment space and experience how it is transformed and enriched.

Using The Power of Your Thoughts to Get Rich Worksheet

You can use the following worksheet to keep track of the answers you come up with while doing The Great Money Neurological Level Alignment exercise.

The Great Money Neuro-Logical Level exercise to Align your Money Thoughts

“What is the environment in which you want to be more aligned?”

When and where do you want to be more aligned? What will be the external context surrounding the situation?”

In the context of ___________________________________________________________________________

  1. “What are your specific goals and actions in that context?”

What, specifically, do you need to do in that context? What is the new behaviour associated with the goal?”


I/We want to _______________________________________________________________________________

  1. “What capabilities are needed to reach your goals within the chosen context?”

How will you accomplish that goal and those behaviours? What capabilities and cognitive processes are needed or

presupposed to trigger or guide those desired actions in that context?”

To accomplish this I/we will use my capabilities to ________________________________________________

  1. “What beliefs and values are expressed by or will be validated by reaching your goals in that context?”

“What values are expressed by your goal and capabilities?”

I/We want to do this because I/we value __________________________________________________________

Why will you use those particular cognitive processes or capabilities in order to accomplish those goals? What beliefs

provide the motivation your thoughts and activity?”

I/We believe __________________________________________________________________________________

  1. “What is your identity or role with respect to the goals and the beliefs and values associated with them?”

(Think in terms of a symbol or metaphor to answer this question.)

Who are you if you engage those particular beliefs, values, capabilities and behaviors in that particular context?”

I am/We are ___________________________________________________________________________________

“What is your mission in that context?”

My/Our mission is to ____________________________________________________________________________

  1. “What is your purpose with respect to the larger system in which you are operating?”

“What is your vision of the larger system in which you are pursuing that mission?”

This mission is in the service of the larger vision to ___________________________________________________



“Levels Alignment Process

Neuro Linguistic Programming – Logical Levels of change

“Aligning Neurological Levels – a Reassessment – Keith E With this exercise and having watched the video also, you shall gain some knowledge to solving your money thoughts issues.

Issues, which could be the stumbling blocks for your success for money. Practical and time-tested exercises. Exercises supported by Neuro-Linguistic-Programming base.How To Use the Power of Your Thoughts to Get Rich

Take the flight to the new horizon. Develop your own wings. Fly to your new level. Create own methods.Customise these methods for your personal growth.

May success come to you. Have a nice journey to your better money thoughts.

Credits: Robert B. Dilts






Happy Using The Power of Your Thoughts to Get Rich!






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