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How to Overcome Disempowering Money Beliefs for Financial Success?

How to Overcome Disempowering Money Beliefs for Financial Success?

What can be those beliefs responsible that may be keeping you away from financial success? If you can identify them, learn new techniques to overcome them, start using new methods to track your success, wouldn’t you be now making more money, keeping it as well as enjoying them too? If you are looking for these secrets from all over the world in one place, this blog is for you.

 “If you believe, you can or if you believe you cannot… you are right both ways.”– Henry Ford

Money. Beliefs. Success. Do you believe that money is necessary for success? Do you find it difficult to make money and still call yourself, lucky? Do you have enough money to be able to enjoy life as you like it?

All over the world, in any country, whenever the topic of money is started, it is a big issue! People start thinking that first, they want to come out of debt if they can!, Then they just want to think of enough money for their retirement! Such thoughts or more could cause much stress, and we may be using up all the bandwidth of their brains. Thus, they leave little energy for creativity, or joy and happiness. Thereby, reducing all abilities of problem-solving and finally, they feel less in control of their lives.

To get into that right frame of mind for financial success, you cannot think like buying a new house or like just settling their loans. To most of the people, the sick mindset holds them back even to think of coming out of their misery! What can be such limiting beliefs? Can these beliefs be broken away to allow new paths? Here are some of the secret pathways to financial freedom:

  1. For some people, financial freedom could just be paying off their loans, reducing their expenses, increasing their incomes. Then you start to save small money for every occasion, thinking that this will make you rich?
  2. This kind of behaviour leads you further to profound embarrassment in your financial life. You would have tried all apps or software or tracking systems to align your budgets, but not much success.Why no success
  3. Maybe, you are approaching every attempt with a wrong perspective! That could be due to your beliefs about money! Now, if you try and change your behaviour without changing your beliefs, how will you rise the ladder of financial success? Perhaps, you are leaning against the wrong wall!
  4. If you start addressing your (disempowering) beliefs, you start to cultivate new and better money behaviour.
  5. A few years back, I was doing good business in the area of financial planning. However, whatever I earned, it went into paying salaries, office expenses. Whatever came in, it went out… It was not that I did not have the proper skills or was in the wrong profession, but perhaps, I “believed, that is how money worked…
    1. Slowly, I started discovering that maybe, it was what people or friends were telling me. Their thoughts and experiences were influencing me.
    2. That discovery process continued for a year when I realised that my (disempowering) beliefs were preventing me from making more money.
    3. I took off from work for a few days. To step back. To Think. To free up my mind. This free time gave me the realisation. Of free flowing independent thoughts. To gain new beliefs. Positive beliefs, to live abundantly and a fulfilling life that I deserved.
    4. I now learned how to turn my adversities (disempowering beliefs) around and to block them. I started actually believing in empowering my subconscious levels. This allowed me to release old beliefs.
    5. Slowly, I allowed myself to be emotionally and mentally investing into the desired state. A state, where had new and more empowering positive beliefs. To allow me to earn more. To save more. To enjoy my financial freedom, more. More passionately.
    6. My life transformed, after that.
  6. Many people think that this kind of free mind decisions is only theoretical. They believe that the free flow of money comes only to smart and techy people! Moreover, they believe, that it is important to know the right kind of individuals. Well, it is not so. It is about having the right kind of mindset. Right, kind of beliefs. Then, the money in your life starts flowing in proportion to your beliefs about money.
  7. So, you should then increase your power of the mind, to open up all the possibilities of having more money. Now, your money beliefs will determine how much money you make, and how much money you keep or spend.
  8. That is how the richest people in the world responded. With a positive mindset, they could laugh and then advise you that they “expect” to make money. Moreover, this expectation is their belief. This proper understanding allows them to make more money.
  9. So if the richest people can become more wealthy, why can’t you become rich too? Let’s understand how you keep thoughts about being rich? What are your limiting beliefs that stop you from richness? Limiting beliefs about money can be the single most factor in defeating you. So, start avoiding these thoughts. Start becoming passionate about becoming rich!

In my last blog, I had explained how old beliefs about money could keep you away from your money goals. In continuation, this blog explores deeper subjects. If you wish to break out of the old belief systems and are looking for effective ways, the following steps are for you:

  1. Identify your old limiting beliefs, make a list of your top ten such beliefs. Here are some examples to help you.
  2. Do you make your investments based on your beliefs?
  3. Do you go by “hearsay” when It comes to investments?
  4. Are you always concerned with what people are saying about money?
  5. Did you realise that going by other people’s opinion about investing,  brought you harm?
  6. Did you make your investment system based on your value systems?
  7. Would you like to create your personal system of saving and investing
  8. Would you like to change your ineffective old beliefs about money?Would you like to become rich?
  9. How can you become rich with money and have all the independence to spend money?
  10. How can you realign your beliefs to allow more of money, to come to you
  11. Would you like to understand a new way to start accumulating wealth and initiate this new realignment process?
One belief, one thought, can change your experience of anything, anytime!

While we operate at 95 % times from our subconscious program, still we are not “programming” our subconscious program. We are mostly not even aware of such an act. So, without knowing, that the subconscious mind controls all our emotions and our body, we are not aware that it can lead us to happiness or even stress!

Human brain focuses more on negative outcomes than the positive results. So, what do the wealthy and prosperous people of the world do to avoid such adverse consequences?

Prosperity comes from your beliefs.

Perhaps, your money thinking patterns are more negative and limiting than most other belief areas of your life. Think and explore.

Zig Ziglar said about such beliefs as “Money is not the most important thing in life, but it is reasonably close to oxygen.”

In my NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) based coaching for my clients, under the financial coaching, I teach and practice various methods for bringing desired outcomes. Through my sessions, the following changes were noticed in my client’s money beliefs:

  1. They got rid of all negative emotions and beliefs (illustrated above). They successfully inserted new positive beliefs.
  2. They could create goal oriented, compelling money beliefs for themselves.
  3. They developed an action plan where they could review, touch, monitor, and control all money beliefs now developed.
  4. They remained focused on the new found belief systems and the desired (and mutually agreed upon) outcomes.
  5. Furthermore, my sessions helped them to reframe any future obstacles to keep away from all such false, misleading and old money beliefs, forever.

My clients could now say: “Being Wealthy is the ability to experience life fully.

We become, what we think about most of the time and that is the strangest secret”- Earl Nightingale

Your past experiences about money could have been good or bad!

People may have given you their “free advice” to guide you in your investments.

Over a period, this story of life becomes a natural experience.

Such experiences and belief systems could have made some people wealthy!

Moreover, some couldn’t!

It is not that they did not have a strategy or didn’t take action, perhaps due to lack of discipline. Discipline, could have been due to lack of confidence in your beliefs, rather limit ideas only.

Perhaps, these beliefs could be hiding deep inside your subconscious mind. You may be taking money related actions from that remote mind!

Further, you could have faced a struggle between your subconscious and the conscious mind, perhaps due to your limiting beliefs.

Do you face such a dilemma?

However, remember what George Bernard Shaw said:  “Very few people can afford to be poor.”

As they say, in mutual fund investments, the past performance is not to be taken as future returns. However, people try and make judgments for the future, based on the past performances and wish to feel happy about it. What happens, when this right decision goes wrong! We, again, develop a belief, that “this is what happens.”

Can we change our future?

Moreover, for that, do we have to change our past also?

Do you need a time machine to do so? Alternatively, can you perhaps alter the previous experience “meaning” or interpretation or some negative thought, so that orientation for the future can be positive?

I had a friend who always seems to be having financial trouble, no matter how much he earned but misery followed him. Deeper understanding made me go into his past wherein his childhood had seen his parents fighting over the lack of cash to handle daily expenses. This developed deep roots in my friend’s mind that money is the actual cause of all arguments. He continued to develop this belief further. Finally, he made it a limiting resource. Here, to change this limiting belief, I had to work on his bad experiences to convince him to not to keep this experience as the source of his future money thoughts.

With such learnings, I learned over a period that people have two minds. An active mind (Conscious mind) and a passive mind (subconscious mind). Here is how: With the latter working 88% of the time, to make us do what we do, think and act. Thus, this passive mind is nine times stronger than the active mind! It also doesn’t sleep and remains active round the clock. It works rather like a logical reasoning, comparing and analysing abilities. It is thus, as its strength, is a decision maker. It thus dictates and commands our passive mind. It acts, thus as a master programmer of the passive mind which takes every command as true.

The passive mind does not have analytical abilities and treats all such commands as true and obeys as a faithful servant. It will drive the car for the active mind or help you clean your teeth. How does this happen? Over a period, the active mind trains or forms routine pathways, let’s call it Neural pathways.

Now, you would realize that over a period, a lot of such neural pathways are laid, and a large fabric of such paths becomes fixed routes. Can we call these routes as “habits” whether right or worse, all such habits get saved in the subconscious mind.

Then, when we “feel” something, it is a behaviour based on our past “stored” beliefs. Beliefs of old memories or experiences, like my friend, had about childhood about money. Like him, you would also have one or more such dark memories, stored unknowingly, in your subconscious mind, and then consciously, we take actions based on these (painful or happy) memories.

Later, repeated acts of such “actions” tend to become our routine line of operations and people start calling them our “behaviours”. People start calling us with subjective words like rude behaviour or pleasant personalities also.

On the other hand, some people, get these inner gut feelings and they take action, like buying some stock and keeping it over (the right period) and calling it “intuition”.

Also, intuitions (passive mind)  communicate with your outer voice (active mind) through feelings, sometimes through dreams too.

People get “creative” also to bring about a change in their thoughts, thus giving birth to a new reality.

With this new “vision” or how we see the world now, we form an “opinion” of the events happening around us.

When beliefs bring about an actual reality, we call it “ I said so..” More Belief Systems.

When such belief systems get prioritised, you create your value systems.

Our firm opinions giving birth to reality, call it a new event.

Our hopes lead to us to experiences, which increase our knowledge.

Repeated such experiences continuously get stored in our passive mind (subconscious) which will now make you run all future events based on what you have stored in this vault (locked thoughts, directly).

Till someone, mostly from the outside, comes and tells you to “break” this thought and urges you to take action based on his (good) experience.

How important is the active mind in our lives? Does it help us to select everything’s rationale! Like buying car, holidays, home or even your spouse? The last one may involve, some creativity also.

Remember, the passive mind is creative. It has unlimited powers to use all available energy. Energy is not positive or negative. Actions taken by this passive mind can be productive or counterproductive.

Moreover, our actions are always dictated by the passive mind. Then, in times of not being coherent with the active mind, we will not be able to produce the desired result. At least, not as per our expectations!

Then we give up trying, saying this is our destiny!

Perhaps, if such belief systems could be changed, at the original levels, the result could be altered, to bring about the desired outcome.

Do people know about all this? No.

That is why they did not get the desired result. They did not even try after the first failure. Moreover, it makes you realise that your belief Systems need to be changed.

How can you realign your beliefs to allow more of money to come to you?

Make a list of those limiting beliefs that you wish to change.

Let’s understand the realignment process in our next blog.

I ask for you to write to me more or less the following beliefs that you may experience:

  1. What is your money mantra?
  2. What do you think about money?
  3. How much is a lot of money to you?
  4. How much is too much money?
  5. How much is too little money?
  6. What are your negative ideas about money?
  7. Do you spend most of your time trying to save money?
  8. How much time do you spend connecting with new money?

Please write to me about your money beliefs you have identified that you suspect might be causing you to play small? Look forward to your ideas in the comment section to a lower position.

You will not create the life you want if you let yourself timidly tiptoe around that beast in the room—your money. Consider time away to find what limiting beliefs about money exist in your head. To tackle them now before they limit what you can achieve in your life.

Moreover, if you start having more than what you need, then charity is a good way of distributing such excess money.

I would appreciate and accept ideas about times when it is important to be money motivated? Do give these ideas in the comments below.

Have a grand time removing you are limiting beliefs. Form new habits to make more money, Save more money. Invest more money. Develop the new money behaviour.

Trust that you have Overcome all your Disempowering Money Beliefs for Financial Success.

May all the financial success come to you.

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