Retire well by Taresh
When it comes to thinking for retirement, people normally have more fears and apprehensions. When fear overtakes the mind, and you don’t know what exactly to do, you decide actually not do anything. SO, doing nothing becomes the best strategy.Let’s try to understand what are the fears first, that prevents people from planning for retirement. I did a small survey and got the following issues becoming prominent

  1. I don’t know the age I would like to retire
  2. I don’t know the amount I would need every month during my retirement period
  3. I don’t know my life expectancy
  4. I don’t know amount I should accumulate for reaching the ideal retirement fund or corpus
  5. I don’t know where should I or where should I keep my retirement fund
  6. What amount should I start saving for my retirement
  7. What would be the tax treatment for this retirement corpus
  8. Do I need to hire a planner to get me these investments ideas?
  9. How do I select and identify the right planner for this task?
  10. Do I have to pay to get the management of his retirement fund?

retired2It is not easy and not difficult to get all the answers to these questions but failing to plan is planning to fail! So let me give some ideas on these issues and get you going

  1. Start with the ideal age right now in India, let’s say 60 and don’t change it for the calculations purpose for the time being
  2. Make an estimate of your current household expenses, lifestyle expenses, dependent expenses, insurance and other investment commitments you must do right now. From this, remove all the expenses which you do not expect to continue once you retire, like Children’s or dependents expenses but add some more expenses like medical or travelling.
  3. Take life expectancy as 75 and 80 for gents and ladies in India as per current statistics
  4.   Use a financial calculator on some sites or an actual financial calculator to find out the corpus required.
  5. Retirement fund should be kept or invested where it should ideally give you safe, liquid, and best be tax-free. It should get you monthly returns on fixed basis and give returns little more than the current inflation
  6. Once you have the retirement goal clear, then use a financial calculator to come to a monthly amount or a year or a one-time amount that you should keep aside for this goal and start investing accordingly. Remember to invest as per your current risk profile.
  7. Investing stage and reaping stage should be all tax benefits
  8. YEs, it is important like you hire a fitness instructor to make you slim, fitter or a doctor to make you healthier, likewise, hiring a professional to look at your investments for retirement is a great idea.
  9. Selecting a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER from the qualification website or a registered investment advisor from SEBI site is suggested from your city.
  10. Paying an independent advisor for giving you independent advice, irrespective of where you invest, gets you the right unbiased opinion.

So, think, plan ahead and Happy Investing. Do consult a professional independent Financial planner for the best suited personal advice.

Author: Taresh Bhatia, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM. Taresh Bhatia is the Chief Financial Planner at Advantage Financial Planners LLP where he provides fee-only financial planning advice. He has helped over 274 families plan and organises their financial life so as to move positively towards their financial goals.


Taresh is an expert on financial advice and has over 26+ years of industry experience. He makes you do more with your money and is professionally qualified to do so. His advice financially empowers you with systematic savings and Goal tracking.

Among his qualifications, he is a CFPCMCERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER and an MBA from IMI, New Delhi.

Taresh is the Founder and a Partner in M/s. Advantage Financial Planner LLP, a firm registered with SEBI as “Investment Advisor” (RIA). He is also a member of The Financial Planners’ Guild, India (FPGI), an association of Practicing Certified Financial Planners.

His contacts are Taresh Bhatia Mobile: +919810144683. OFFICE: +91124-4502200